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»Who wants to be presented with a thick book titled "instruction manual" every time you buy something new? 50 pages of text can be presented in 5 minutes of film. Our products are quite simple to use, which is why we have opted to employ the medium Film/DVD because people appreciate visuals, are easier to approach and more prepared to pay attention.«
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Boe, Managing Director BETOGLASS DEUTSCHLAND GmbH, Oberhausen

Are you one of the dedicated fans of classic Sunday evening crime movies produced at a time when there were only a handful of TV channels? Compared to today's fast moving action films the dialogue and camera perspectives of Miss Marple & Co seem to drag on endlessly. The pace at which information travels has been stepped up considerably. Even if we occasionally enjoy "rediscovering the mellow", we are accustomed to today's haste. New technology determines how we see things and an effective communication strategy does well to pay heed to these expectations.

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