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Think global,
act local.

As an international public relations and marketing agency, we have taken this motto to heart.

We work together with a group of professional speakers and journalists from all over the world, and cooperate with leading news agencies and media. With our skills and connections we can effectivly put our clients in touch with the leading news wires and option leaders – with measurable results!

We could improve your public relations image and increase commercial awareness of your company in target markets and countries on all continents.

The writing is then done by experienced journalists; as there is a world of difference between what advertising experts mean, what journalists swallow and how journalists, who also know the other side of the desk, go about it. And what is worth even more: the efficiency of this differentiation is verifiable.

»RADWAN PR have achieved remarkable success with international public relations in respect of the repositioning of our company and market introduction of new products, resulting in active and measurable responses by our target group.«
Thomas Deinlein, Sales Manager, FLABEG GmbH, Nürnberg

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